Distribution Logistics
One of the leading companies in Russia in the field of consumer goods distribution
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space


Your Trade Partner

  • Strong sales team with excellent negotiation skills covering all key retail accounts
  • Proven track record of distributing new products through chosen retail channels
  • Dedicated merchandising teams to ensure best placement
  • Sales trainings for own sales force and managers at all levels
  • Training sessions on product knowledge and selling skills for shop assistants of selected stores

Your Marketing Partner

  • Trade and consumer promotion programs on national, city, or individual store levels
  • Own beauty consultants in selected stores to educate consumers on product properties
  • Advertising placement in press
  • Experience in using alternative advertising methods (bus stops, metro stickers, in-store press etc.)
  • Use of sponsorships to strengthen brand identity

Your Brand Manager

  • The team of experienced brand managers to assist your brand in market entrance
  • Certification of your products to enable sales
  • Marketing planning to ensure best sales results
  • Creation or adaptation of POS materials to attract consumers
  • Organization of various events (presentations, press conferences) to introduce the products to the market
  • Liaison with journalists to ensure brand presence in press
  • Enlistment of Opinion Leaders to give the brands needed authority

Your Logistics Specialist

  • The developed network of branches, 10 regional centers in major cities of Russia
  • The company has its own fleet of freight and light-duty trucks
  • Distribution within Russian cities
  • Class A terminals in and outside Moscow
  • Warehouse hub facilitties to serve truck, train, and pallet and box deliveries
  • Night outflow of orders to retail and wholesale accounts
  • Policy of rolling forecasts depending on manufacturer's lead-time

Your Financial Partner

  • Credit history with more than 50 foreign and home producers
  • Long-term relationship with oldest local financial institutions
  • Usage of sophisticated financial instruments in various departments of the company (i.e. leasing in transportation, factoring in sales etc.)
  • Profit oriented top management with EVA (return on investment that exceeds industry average) as main success criteria
  • Annual budget planning

    Our partners

    The group of companies Gradient has long-term partnerships with the leading manufacturers and traders in the field of distribution of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). Our partners appreciate the experience and professionalism of Gradient employees. We aspire to build stable relationship based on frankness and trust.