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In 2017 entered into the rating of 200 Largest Private Companies in Russia according to the Forbes magazine
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space

Company history - 1999

In 1999 we completed reorganization of our business which had begun a year before.

Thus company business units gained financial independence and the principle of their activity estimation changed essentially. In the early 90s the majority of Russian companies considered the turnover to be the essential performance indicator with the profit following. Now the results were estimated on so-called «conventional profit» – the money the investor receives over average branch expectations in this region, i.e. return on the invested capital.

By July Gradient had paid off its creditors on the debts it used to get as a result of economy crisis of 1998. The company turnover was partially restored.

The creation of distribution department in Moscow was a significant event of 1999. This business unit had to satisfy the increasing demand of our retail customers.

The company practically completed its transformation from the wholesales to distribution.