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In 2017 entered into the rating of 200 Largest Private Companies in Russia according to the Forbes magazine
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space

Company history - 1998

Gradient had become one of the leading distributors of fast moving consumer goods in Russia with the turnover of $300 million by the middle of 1998.

At some point it became clear that the existing system of management started to interfere with the operation in the branches. Gradient required urgent changing.

This coincided with default and crisis in the country.

In the autumn of 1998 the owners of the company decided to introduce the position of CEO and to change the structure of internal relations in Gradient. By this time Leonid Novoselskiy, one of the founders of the company, had come back from the USA, where he studied for the MBA degree in one of the world's leading business schools – Wharton Business School. He was appointed the CEO and started the process of re-structuring. Branches gained independence and Gradient became the holding company.

«The company was in great need for the division of administrative functions. Regions had fast dynamics but excessive centralization didn't allow reacting to it on time. Our reorganization was a classic example from the textbook on business: we transformed the company to a corporation with the organizational model based on the principle of business units.»

Leonid Novoselskiy
President of group of companies Gradient