Distribution Logistics
In 2017 entered into the rating of 200 Largest Private Companies in Russia according to the Forbes magazine
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space

Company history - 1993

Our first branch was opened in Chelyabinsk in October 1993. It was awarded the status of exclusive distributor of Procter&Gamble company, the world's largest manufacturer of perfumery and household chemicals. It was the first experience of direct supply of production on shelves of shops for this city and region.

The opening of the first branch was a challenging start of regional development of Gradient. One of the main tasks then was to teach our partners in regions to work according to our new pattern, due to the accepted foreign standards. It was necessary to convince the shop managers to start selling something different from what they were used to; to inspire that a constant product range will result in increase of sales volume; to make them pay more attention to the merchandising aspects.

While starting that branch the founders had to do all possible work: unloaded cars, displayed the goods, acted as sales representatives.

This unique experience contributed greatly to the successful development of the company in future.