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Principles of corporate business ethics

Group of companies Gradient is a modern Russian company with the staff being its most valuable asset.

We are united by a common desire to become the best in the business segments where GC Gradient operates. We share the philosophy of the company; we care about its reputation and strive to meet the highest standards of ethics and behavior while achieving the goals set.

Principles of corporate business ethics of GC Gradient define a model of effective behavior in unusual and sometimes difficult situations which we inevitably face in our everyday life; form the responsible and professional approach to the decision-making process.

Our principles define the internal relations between the managers and employees of the company, imposing certain responsibilities on each side and ensuring the rights of every staff member; they help us build the external relations.

We believe that existing principles are the key to future successful development of GC Gradient.

The principles:

  1. The internal relations are built on mutual trust and respect, rather than on administrative pressure.

  2. Equal partnership, tolerance to other people's opinion, friendliness and respect make the collaboration successful.

    Treat other people the way you want to be treated.

  3. Constructive criticism stimulates the development. Sincerity, indifference and constant feedback are of high importance.

  4. Honest, responsible and ambitious superior sets a good example to the subordinates.

  5. Absolute freedom of the debate results in the effective decisions.

    The decisions made are supported by everyone, including those who had a different point at first.

  6. While taking the decisions, mind the priorities of the company interests over the personal interests of the employees; target both short- and long-term interests of the company.

    Keep in mind that you benefit together with the company.

  7. Be punctual and responsible both with the internal and external partners.

  8. Always keep the honor, dignity and business reputation of the company.

Leonid Novoselskiy

President of group of companies Gradient  

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