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In 2017 entered into the rating of 200 Largest Private Companies in Russia according to the Forbes magazine
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space

Mission, Vision, Values

We aspire to correspond to the high standards of modern business practice. Mission, vision and values of GC Gradient reflect the philosophy of our business: the essence of activity, the aspirations, the obligations to the society.

Our mission

We create the opportunities for everyone, to become the best together.

We aspire to provide our partners and employees with the opportunities to self-actualize and develop, thus improving and creating something great together.

Our vision

We establish a successful Russian company to set an example of professionalism, ethics and reliability.

Even now Gradient can be a set example for other companies, but we still continue to improve. Aspiring to be the best we are eager to change the foundations and the principles to correspond to the present business realities.

We head to become the major player on the market due to the ability to study and vary faster than our competitors. 

This statement is about our main competitive advantage. Our company is represented by many business directions operating on different markets. The leadership on the markets depends on us only, on the ways we use to realize our competitive advantages, including the most important of them.

We aspire to implement modern technologies as the basic way to increase labor productivity and develop the company. 

Modern technologies play an important role in the activities of our company. We consider them to be the most effective way to increase our labor productivity.

We engage and develop the talents.

We view the talent in large-scale aspects. But firstly, in the aspect of its application at work. We are sure that talented people, being able to create, are required at every workplace. Engaging such people we reveal the new sides of their talent, both company and society can benefit from.

We aim to become the number one employer in Russia.

Being the best employer means providing every executive with the opportunity to self-express and self-realize, to influence the important decisions taken in our company. We are focused on the best, bright, talented and efficient people.

We make the outworld better by bringing our values in it.

We do not set a global task to change the world. But we are sure that if each of us brings our corporate values and principles in the outworld, it will change for the better. It is an ambitious target, but quite manageable and worthwhile.

Our values

Lack of indifference
Ability to trust

Our value system is the basis of Gradient corporate culture. It represents the principles of practice and activity that we follow and we offer all our partners to share it as well.


Leonid Novoselskiy

President of group of companies Gradient  

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