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In 2017 entered into the rating of 200 Largest Private Companies in Russia according to the Forbes magazine
Gradient. Vector of success in possibility space

Vyacheslav Rakoch

Vyacheslav Rakoch

«Never to be indifferent to what you are involved in business and life is my motto». I expect my colleagues to follow it as well. One can succeed in business only if he roots for the cause.

Vyacheslav Rakoch was born on August 3rd, 1969 in Moscow. Grew up in Chelyabinsk.

In June 1993 graduated from the Institute of Steel and Alloys, the department of Physics and Chemistry.

In 1991 Vyacheslav and his friends set up Gradient company, having only one retail outlet in the centre of Moscow.

Now Vyacheslav Rakoch is the CEO of group of companies Gradient and is in charge of all management activities in the company.

Vyacheslav links all his significant achievements with the track record of the company. A feather in his hat is the creation of highly effective direction of decorative cosmetics with the best team of managers working for it.

Vyacheslav’s leading principle is to remain the whole man in every situation.

Vyacheslav is married, brings up two children.

Vyacheslav is fond of sports, takes a tender interest in antiques.